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Bonded ADSL Provider

Internet traffic continues to grow at an alarming rate but unfortunately technology cannot keep up with demand.

As we speak, not all businesses in the UK can access high speed fibre broadband so get stuck with traditional ADSL products due to the high prices of leased lines in comparison.

Bonded ADSL is a great cost effective solution for those businesses that find themselves in that predicament. If your business is dependant on internet connectivity but feel restricted either by cost or simply what is available at your local exchange then bonded ADSL may be for you.

This technology is usually taken up by people in pretty remote areas where all other connectivity options have been explored but simply not available or cost restrictive. Bonding will allow you to double, triple or even quadruple your speed!

How Does Bonded ADSL Work?

bonded adsl

Basically multiple ADSL lines are combined together to create one big “fat pipe” of bandwidth to create faster download and upload speeds as indicated in the image.

Sounds simple? The implementation really is quite complex as it involves a huge amount of processing in the splitting and then recombining the data streams.

As an example, take a video stream watched on a PC. With Bonded ADSL the original stream will be split into multiple streams, sent down each individual ADSL line. This process is performed automatically by the bonding providers technology.

At your business premises the separate data streams are recombined to give you one fast individual data stream.

Another example, if you had two 8Mb ADSL lines and bonded them, you would get the equivalent of one 16Mb line. Simple!

Bonded ADSL Benefits

Your business can benefit greatly from bonded ADSL if you are in a rural location or are situated quite far from your local exchange.  This is because other technologies may not be feasible to you or will prove too costly, for example the costs of installing fibre for a leased line in a rural location could be immense.

The further you are from your local exchange then the slower your connection speeds will be.  As you will already have an ADSL connection then bonded is a viable, cost effective option and you will be able to achieve a lot faster speeds than you are already getting through your current connection.

Speed is not the only benefit of bonded ADSL. It also provides a great deal of resilience due to the simple fact that if one connection fails it falls back to the remaining connections.  You many lose a percent of your speed for a short time but at least your business is still fully operational.   Bonded ADSL contracts are generally backed by a 99% Service Level Agreement.

Businesses can also subscribe to different providers, this allows for greater resilience if more than one of the services should fail.

Another great advantage is that bonded ADSL can be up and operational within 10 working days whereas a leased line can take up to 60 or 90 days. Bonded ADSL is the best value option for any business that is looking for increased bandwidth, speed and resilience.

  • Speeds

    Bonded ADSL gives you the power to double, triple or even quadruple you current upload and download speeds bu using the latest technology.

  • Costs

    If you are in a rural location then a leased line could cost tens of thousands to install! If you currently have ADSL then you know you can get this service for a fraction of the costs of a leased line.

  • Resiliency

    With a Bonded ADSL service, if one of the lines fails then the router will automatically failover onto the remaining lines taking the negative line out of the equation. You speeds will be slightly reduced but at least you are not hard down.

  • Installation

    With a leased line it can take an average of 65 working days to install with no guarantees. With Bonded ADSL, you can be up and operational within 10 working days!


  • Can I use VoIP and Video?

    Yes! The carriers we use have been designed to work with low latency connections such as VoIP and Video. Voice requires a latency of around 150ms; the average carrier network is sub 30ms. The connection can also be used with Thin Client.

  • Can we use our existing firewalls?

    Yes, however small configuration changes may be required, which we can advise on.

  • Is this a fully managed service?

    The carrier will manage and support all hardware supplied and we are happy to help with any related issues.

  • How does the bonding device work?

    The bonding device will sit in front of your firewall and will be presented as a single RJ45. The bonding device breaks files down at packet level, they are then recombined by one of our carrier grade bonding devices in one of our Datacentres. We have multiple carrier grade bonding devices and they are set-up as high availability. In the unlikely event of a central bonder failing it will automatically failover.

  • How many static IP's can I have?

    4 useable IPs are provided as standard. If you require more then just let us know but they will need to be justified to RIPE. There may be an additional charge dependant on how many you take.

  • Is Bonded ADSL a true leased line alternative?

    Yes. Bonded ADSL has proven to be both stable and fast to use. Many of our customers across the UK now enjoy faster speeds than they previously thought possible at a far lower cost than a leased line. Sometimes up to 70% less!

  • What hardware do I need to purchase?

    There are no extra hardware costs; everything is included in the cost. We will provide a managed router for each line.

  • Is there a contract length?

    There is generally a 12 month rolling contract, and it can be moved between sites. Please ask for more details.

  • What speeds can I expect to see?

    This all depends on how far your business is located from the main exchange and the number of lines that are bonded. All we promise is that whatever speed you can achieve down a single ADSL line we can double, triple or quadruple your bandwidth! We have a wide portfolio of customers ranging from less than 100 meters from the exchange to being nearly 20km away.

  • Will our VPN still work?

    Yes. The bonded ADSL solution will support IPSec and SSL VPN’s. The connectivity will be presented as one transparent connection and in the unlikely event of a single line failure, the VPN will remain connected.

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Our support really is non stop. From the first point of contact right the way through your whole journey, we will be with you every step of the way.

Increased Bandwidth

As long as you have the correct bearer in place, you can upgrade your speeds mid-term if you wish to a higher amount future proofing the business.


We pride ourselves on being different and breaking the mould. We are nothing without our customers who mean everything to us.

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