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Leased Line Speed Test

Need to test the speed of your Leased Line? Feel free to use our online tool.

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Ways to check the speeds of your Leased Line

Step 1 – In order for you to generate the most precise result, you should plug the laptop directly to the router that is given by the provider of the Leased Line. If possible, you should conduct the test before or after the regular business hours when the internet connection is not being used by the employee.

Step 2 – Use the speed test tool. This is the best leased line speed testing tool.

Step 3 – Click on ’Start speed test’

The reasons why your Leased Line speed test shows lower results than the expected speed

NB: These issues can actually be prevented by following the STEP 1 above.


  • There may be other users inside the office who are using the same connection that you are using, same time same connection, which is hogging the bandwidth. Video conferencing stream, VoIP telephony call, or back up related traffic have been given much higher priority over the entire internet access that you are currently using in testing your internet connection speed.
  • If your company is allowing the employees to be able to connect to your office network from their home, you should consider that some employees may be using the internet connection at the time that you are conducting the speed testing of your Leased Line. As they do, some downloads and save these files, they are using reasonable bandwidth on the LAN, even if you can’t actually see them inside the office.
  • Your computer’s network interface card may be that slow enabling you to test your connection accurately and effectively. 100Mbit/s is the common speed for the network interface cards. So, if you are testing a leased line with 200Mbit/s with the use of a computer in a 100Mbit/s interface network card, you will only get an output of about 100Mbit/s. In order to test speed higher than that, you’ll need a modern interface card, one that can transmit data in 1Gbit/s
  • Traffic on the LAN may be decreasing the output between your computer and the router of the leased line provider.


  • The firewall may be the problem
  • Maybe you have connected wirelessly instead of connecting via Ethernet cable. If so, get your Ethernet cable then re run your test via wired connection.
  • The provider of the leased line might have sold too much internet transit or bandwidth, resulting in network congestion.
  • If the bandwidth has been upgraded, it is highly possible that the ISP might have neglected or forgotten to adjust the throttling in your connection.

Are You Unsatisfied With Your Leased Line Speed – What You Should Do?

–          Follow the number 1 step above, check the speeds directly from the router of the leased line provider. If the result from there’s fine, the problem is inside the Local Area Network. A reliable IT support company can help you handle this issue.

–          Try conducting the test more than once and at varied time.

–          Report the issue or problem to the provider

–          If you are already out of the contract, or will be, check out some options with the use of our leased line price checker.

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