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Leased Line Costs

An introduction to pricing

Leased line costs are only part of the equation. Your internet connection is critical to your business. 2Connect provide a comprehensive range of leased line solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs exactly.

We also provide a premium 100% availability Service Level Agreement to reinforce our service offering AND to ensure you receive the best pricing available, we operate a BEST PRICE PROMISE, which guarantees that we will not only match ANY quoted leased line prices from ANY UK leased line providers but we will beat it by another 5%!

The 3 main factors used to calculate prices





What is a leased line?

A leased line is a private telecommunications line that permanently connects two locations to provide reliable, guaranteed bandwidth for data, internet and voice services.

Leased lines provide symmetric bandwidth, meaning that the upstream and downstream speeds are the same. These speeds range from 10Mb right up to 10Gb.

When selecting your service speed you also select a bearer speed which is the maximum your line can carry in the future. So when receiving a leased line quote you will see figures quoted such as 10Mb on a 100Mb bearer – which means you are taking a 10Mb service on a 100Mb bearer.

At any point in the future you can increase your speed to 20Mb, 30Mb right up to the limit of 100Mb.

 Typically there are three main types of leased line connection:

  • Connection type 1

    A connection between a customer location and a Point of Presence (PoP), which is typically used for access to the Internet;

  • Connection type 2

    A point to point (P2P) connection between two customer locations linking them both together for data upload/download.

  • Connection type 3

    A connection between a customer location and a data centre. Whilst the majority of leased lines we supply are for internet access, we also provide them for MPLS Networks and direct P2P (point to point) connections.

Who are 2Connect and why should we use you?

leased line costs

2Connect have been around since 2008 and offer an online leased line quote tool so you can get instant lease line pricing without having to wait using a real-time carrier pricing tool.

The pricing is an average leased line price, meaning it pings out to all the providers we work with and comes back with an average price for you. All pricing is based on a fully managed service including router, 24/7 support and IP addresses.

Our pricing is based on wholesale pricing from the leading UK providers.We get the best costings available at each location. To back this up, any quote you receive, we will not only tidy it up to make it even more cost effective but we will offer you a price promise guarantee!

If you find cheaper pricing elsewhere, not only do we price match but we knock another 5% off the total contract value!

Our leased line pricing tool will give you an instant free quote, unlike other sites which require you to leave your contact details.

We work with a lot of the leading brands/businesses in the UK. Feel free to ask for references.

How is the pricing calculated?

Leased line contracts usually last for either 12 months, 36 months or 60 months. See the chart to find out what percentage of businesses take what term. As you can see, 3 years is the best. The longer the lease term the lower the set up and installation charges. For lease terms of 36 months or greater, the installation charge is always waived with us.

Leased line costs are usually a fixed monthly rate. This monthly rate is determined by the speed of the symmetric connection and the distance of the fibre line.

There are two different types of pricing band – on-net and off-net. On-net, as the name suggests means you are in a good location and there should be no issue with installation of your line.

If you are in a rural location then this is most likely off-net where the costs will be slightly higher as there will be more work required to get the line installed. Please ask for more details if you are unsure.

What percentage takes what term?

  • One Year Term Percentage
  • Three Year Term Percentage
  • Five Year Term Percentage

What are the options available?

Business benefits

  • Secure

    Your leased line will be dedicated to you and capacity will not be shared with other users meaning the speeds you purchase will be the speeds you get with the added benefit of being on your own private line.

  • Flexible

    If you have a 10Mb leased line on a 100Mb bearer as an example, you can increase your bandwidth all the way up to the full 100Mb as your business grows, enabling you to adapt quickly to changing business needs and alleviate the need of purchasing another line.

  • Reliable

    Leased lines as standard come with a 99.9999% Service Level Agreement making them pretty much bullet proof! They are regarded as the most reliable of all connectivity on the market for a reason!

  • 24/7 Support

    All our contracts come with 24/7 support as standard for total peace of mind. Even if its 3am in the morning and your connection has gone down, it makes no difference as we work round the clock to be the difference for you. We also have a 2 hour response, 4 hour fix as standard.

  • Future Proof

    Leased Line products are scalable and will utilise the latest connectivity technologies. Once a leased line is in, they usually do not come out due to not only the above reasons but also your business will grow to depend on it also opening the door for other technologies like VoIP to seamlessly integrate.

For the best advice on pricing, or if you have any questions relating to your leased line requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get you connected?

Features and tech spec

Leased Line Features

Feature Description
Pricing We work with every provider to bring you the best price in the UK with a price promise guarantee!
Bandwidth options Our leased lines start with a 10Mb speed on a 100Mb bearer going right the way up to a huge 10Gb! All options are completely scalable.
Contract term 1, 3 or 5 year contracts as standard but we can tailor a term around your specific needs.
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 99.9999% (100% with backup). 2 hour response, 4 hour fix. Service credits for failing to meet SLA service commitments.
Router Managed router as standard with all options that we provide.
24/7 support Uk based technical support offered 24/7, 365 days a year for your peace of mind.
Proactive monitoring We can detect issues before they reach the customer end. This is because we pro-actively monitor network devices through our network operations centre.
Domain Domain transfer included with leased lines.
IP addresses Static (public) IP included. Need more? As long as you can justify your requirement to RIPE you can have as many as you want.
IPv6 We are committed to IPv6 roll out meaning you will not run out of IP addresses or get stuck in a transition period.
Resilience options We can offer a whole range of resiliency options with auto-failover so you have 100% connection all the time. These range from leased lines, EFM, ADSL to name a few.
Cloud options If you are looking to take advantage of cloud options such as IP telephony, online storage etc then your leased line can provide you access to that.

Leased Line Tech Spec

Spec Description
Bearer speed Options on bearers – 2Mbit/s, EFM, 100Mbit/s, 1Gbit/s, and 10Gbit/s.
Circuit technology available Fibre and copper (EFM) leased lines running Ethernet. We can also offer DSL technology for backup.
Service contention All leased lines are uncontended private lines. You have full access to all bandwidth at all times.
Usage limits No usage limits or restrictions
Latency, packet loss and jitter We offer well below the industry average to guarantee advanced services, such as IP telephony on your leased lines work. We make a commitment on latency, packet loss and jitter. More details please ask.

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