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Leased Line Quotes – Compare Leased Line Costs

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About 2Connect

Learn more about 2Connect. We offer industry leading expertise and an unrivaled price guarantee. Get more for your budget.

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Generic Ethernet Access

Our Generic Ethernet Access uses existing broadband and Ethernet technologies to provide a very cost effective alternative.

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Leased Lines

Here we have a collection of all the information you need to decide whether a leased line is right for your business or not.

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Are you wanting to link up several sites with whatever data connection is right for you at each site? Find out more information here.

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Hosted VoIP

Struggling with adsl speeds but cant afford a dedicated line? Bonded adsl can double, triple or even quadruple your speed!

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Are you looking for all the features and benefits of a leased line but without the costs involved? Click here to find out more.

Leased Line Costs

At 2Connect we understand that businesses need an increase when it comes to productivity and efficiency which is why we provide leased line quotes, which offer the best leased line costs in the UK. We compare quotes from the UK’s top providers in order to give you the best leased line prices.

Leased line internet costs, in general can be rather expensive as they are a dedicated line providing a private connection that enables communication direct to the internet or between several sites.

Here at 2Connect we can offer you an instant leased line quote that can’t be beaten as we have a price promise guarantee! Leased lines are a supreme version of connectivity as, unlike various other broadband services; leased lines are dedicated, uncontended data lines with symmetrical bandwidth speeds so grab an instant online quote now.

Generally speaking,leased line internet costs can be quite high but not with us. This is down to the fact that we work with all the UK providers to offer you the best available leased line quotes.

Leased Line Internet Costs

Compare Leased Line Internet Costs with several Leased Line Providers. Make sure your getting the best deal out there with our Leased line Internet Costs comparisons today.

At 2Connect we are able to deliver the best quotes as we work incredibly close with every carrier in the UK. The pricing that we offer to our customers are end-to-end leased line costs, meaning it also includes the carriers local tail, the core network bandwidth and implementation costs.

Connectivity levels that are private and dedicated are highly important to your business which is why we offer the best and most affordable leased line pricing quotes, as we understand this need. If you would like to get the best leased line internet costs, then please feel free to get in contact with our team today or simply use the tool above at the top of this page.

Leased Line Quotes

We take great pride in being able to offer the best leased line pricing, which can enable your business to increase their productivity levels. On top of this, you can connect multiple offices within the UK so data can be shared between each other seamlessly.

As well as offering you the best price, we have a vast amount of industry experience so you know your business and its connection is in the safest hands possible. When it comes to our leased line costs, not only are they the best around, the service levels and quality are always to a premium standard.

With our experience and knowledge our team can cater for any of your requirements. Our experienced connectivity experts can help you no matter what your needs may be.

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Some Of Our Proud Suppliers

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Leased Line Quote

We work with all the top tier 1 carriers in the UK to be in a position to offer you the BEST PRICE IN THE UK. We have a price promise guarantee so if you find cheaper pricing elsewhere simply let us know and WE WILL BEAT IT! You can get your leased line quote here in about 3 minutes! Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

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Leased lines are more popular than ever before, this is largely due to the growing number of providers there are on the market today. BT no longer has the monopoly; so businesses can take advantage of the competitive pricing offered by other leased line providers including free installations so no more annoying upfront costs!

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Leased Line Prices

A leased line can provide a secure and private connection dedicated exclusively to the customer. It also has a symmetrical speed that makes it the popular choice in the IT industry. There’s no doubt that leased lines offer numerous advantages. However, they can be costly and can stress the finances of your business if you dont get the correct price.

Leased Line Features/Benefits

Single Office Internet

Connect a single business premises to the internet with the ultimate in modern day technology.

Connect Multi-Sites

Connect multiple offices within the UK together so that data can be shared between each of them with no more lengthy waiting times.


Use multiple leased lines using separate fibre routes to increase the availability of the product by offering redundancy.

Increased Bandwidth

Our speeds can go from 10Mb right the way up to 1Gb. Some urban locations can reach up to 10Gb!

Speed Consistency

Experience high data speeds at all times regardless of whether it is peak time. The bandwidth is reserved just for you.

Faster Upload Speeds

Line speeds are symmetrical making the upload just as fast. Perfect for VoIP, terminal Services, video conferencing etc.

Unlimited Data

No slowing down at peak times, no caps on bandwidth usage. No extra charges are accrued. It’s truly unlimited!

Unrivalled Support

Bored of queues? Well no more. 24/7 support as standard. Through first time all of the time. No more waiting.


Working with every carrier in the UK. Years of experience. Completely impartial advice. All needs catered for.


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Need to check the speed of your leased line connection? Are you getting the speed you currently pay for? Use our speed test to find out.

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Want to find out more on our price promise guarantee? We are the only company in the UK to offer this on leased lines!

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Are you looking for all the latest connectivity information from around the UK? Take a look at our blog with all the latest news and features.

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