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We have a price promise guarantee so if you find cheaper pricing elsewhere simply let us know WE WILL BEAT IT!

Price Promise Guarantee

How Can We Offer This?

We work with all leased line providers to be in a position to offer our customers a leased line price promise guarantee. We also carry this onto all our MPLS, SD-WAN and EFM circuits as well. So what does this mean in more detail?

Basically, if you get a genuine quote from any other provider and it is a lower price than what you have been quoted by us, not only do we offer a price match but we will beat it for you! A first in this industry!

Why not grab a quote from the online quote tool above and see exactly what we can do for you. You will be emailed a quote within minutes of filling the form in. We will also drop an email over for you with a “fine-tuned” price.

What Are Excess Construction Charges?

  • 1 - Place the order

    Once the order has been placed, we can then move on to the site survey which can take up to four weeks from point of order.

  • 2 - Site Survey

    Here is where we find out if the order can be delivered on cost by finding out if there is fibre in the ground running to your premises.

  • 3 - Results - The 2 options.

    Here is where we get the results which can go one of two ways. In most situations, the results are positive unless you live in the middle of a field!

  • Option A - The Bad News

    If the results are negative and excess charges are found then you can either pay the excess charges or cancel the order at no cost to yourself or the business.

  • Option B - The Good News

    No excess charges found. 99.9% of orders should be like this. Order will now progress and hopefully be completed around the 65 working day mark.

One of the biggest challenges when buying a leased line is actually getting it installed! On average a leased line takes 65 working days to get to the point where a customer can use it but these can grow to a lot longer! Once your order is placed, a site survey will take place roughly 2-3 weeks after the initial order. This is to make sure that the leased line can be delivered within cost.

If the infrastructure is not there or if you live in a very remote area then there is a higher chance that you will encounter what is known as excess construction charges.

These are charges that will take into account the amount of cabling, man hours etc to get the line to your premises. These can range from a very small amount to ten of thousands of pounds!

Obviously, at this point if excess charges are found, the order gets placed on hold. You then have the option of cancelling the order with no cost to yourselves or pay the excess charges. The more built up an area you live in the better the chance of avoiding this.

It really is quite a rarity in this modern day to find excess charges but be realistic, If your surrounding are very baron then you are more likely to have them but still not guaranteed. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Can We Make The Charges Go Away?

If you have been to another provider and had a site survey and they have come back with excess construction charges that you do not want to pay, simply let us know and we can put a special price together for you. That way, you don’t have to pay any excess charges up front if you don’t want. Another first in out industry! Contact us to discuss your requirement in more detail.
If you have placed an order with us and then excess charges are found then we can cover at least £2800.00 towards the costs for you for total peace on mind.
If you have had a site survey come back with crazy charges such as £10,000+ then don’t let this put you off. If we can do something for you, we will. We place so many orders that we can “jiggle” our cover around to eradicate some (if not all!) of your costs. Why pay more by going elsewhere!
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Our Price Promise Guarantee!

Not only do we work with every single top tier provider in the UK BUT we also offer a price promise guarantee. If you find a cheaper quote elsewhere, simply let us know.

If it’s a “like for like” proposal, not only do we price match but we will beat it for you! Simply ask for more details or click here.

You now get all the benefits of being on the best networks in the UK at a fraction of the costs compared to going direct!

Great pricing? It’s just the beginning!

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