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Generic Ethernet Access

Generic Ethernet Access (GEA for short) service uses existing broadband and Ethernet network technologies to provide a very cost effective, yet reliable and fully guaranteed Ethernet based solution like no other for the money.

GEA is similar in many regards to FTTC mainly because it uses the copper infrastructure which is found between the customers location and the cabinet.Unlike FTTC, all GEA traffic goes through the Ethernet network and not broadband.

This helps the connection with regards better speeds, lower maintenance plus install costs.

With Generic Ethernet Access, every business that takes this product on can now avoid low speed transfers or downloads and benefit from all the latest web technologies such as VoIP and VPN to name just a few.This now makes it one of the best value internet choices for any business out there.

How Does GEA Work?

how generic ethernet access works

Because of leased line availability, you can enjoy several features brought to you by the GEA. Firstly, you will receive nearly 100% target service availability, fantastic bandwidth, IPv4 and IPv6 support, on top of that, you will have the option to add an increased level of support for customers, because you will be able to help and reach them a lot faster.

Choosing Generic Ethernet Access for your business is very important if you want to maintain the competitive edge within your field of work.

On top of all the above, Our Generic Ethernet Access business broadband service will come with a SLA backup that will help your business reach it’s goals, as you won’t have to fear any more for things such as disruptive and costly data loss.

The installation of Generic Ethernet Access can be much faster than the average connection. This product can be installed in under two weeks!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Generic Ethernet Access?

  • Symmetrical Speeds

    Completely symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps are available with Generic Ethernet Access so upload and download speeds are the same!

  • Options

    GEA is available in 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20Mbps options. This should cater for the majority of small to medium business users.

  • Installation

    With Generic Ethernet Access Installation can take as little as 14 working days. That is a whole lot better than EFM and leased lines.

  • Infrastructure

    This technology utilises the existing copper and fibre infrastructure which is already in place to eradicate installation costs.

  • Service

    Comprehensive Service Level Agreement with choice of back up options and 9 business hour return to service guarantee.

  • Uncontended

    Unlike broadband, this is a totally uncontended service so you share your bandwidth with no one else.

  • Technology

    Generic Ethernet Access supports technologies such as Virtual Private Networks & Voice over IP to future proof your business.

  • Us

    We have time to dedicate to make sure you understand the technology and are here long term for you unlike the large providers out there!

What Makes Us Stand Out From The Crowd?

We are a very unique company in our own right offering what the other companies simply cannot. As you can see on the image, these are just a few of the reasons we are different.

Great Pricing? It’s just the beginning!

Price Promise

The only company of our type in the UK to offer this. Please grab a free quote from the top of this page!

Bespoke Solutions

We offer completely free, impartial advice and work with all the UK providers which puts us in a position to tailor a solution to whatever your needs may be however complex it may be.


Our support really is non stop. From the first point of contact right the way through your whole journey, we will be with you every step of the way.

Increased Bandwidth

As long as you have the correct bearer in place, you can upgrade your speeds mid-term if you wish to a higher amount future proofing the business.


We pride ourselves on being different and breaking the mould. We are nothing without our customers who mean everything to us.

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Our Price Promise Guarantee!

Not only do we work with every single top tier provider in the UK BUT we also offer a price promise guarantee. If you find a cheaper quote elsewhere, simply let us know.

If it’s a “like for like” proposal, not only do we price match but we will beat it for you! Simply ask for more details or click here.

You now get all the benefits of being on the best networks in the UK at a fraction of the costs compared to going direct!

Great pricing? It’s just the beginning!

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