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Leased Line networking

The services of Leased Line networking

Leased lines use symmetric type point to point connection in order to render its services to its consumers. Combined leased lines can produce powerful and fast internet connections. This technology was designed to create Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Using Leased Lines to make a WAN

The Wide Area Network (WAN) has been associated with leased line networking. While this term already existed, there are many people who are not much aware of it and how to make use of leased lines to make a WAN.

Leased Line and VPN – The security guide

Businesses require technology in order to run. Most of them use either VPN or Leased Line to keep their connection to the different aspects on running them. However, both technologies hold security issues, which you must be aware of.

Facts about virtual Leased Line networking

Leased lines are basically composed of some components. These are the router and the local loop circuit. The router is typically handled by a service provider and installed into the computer room on the customer’s premises. The local loop circuit is provided by several carriers.

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