Leased Lines – Fast connectivity

Leased Lines – Fast connectivity

Leased lines offer a data connection with symmetrical speeds.

Connection Speeds

Leased lines contain a range size that can reach 2Mbit/s up to 10Gbit/s or more. Accumulating a speed that is much higher means more costs to pay.

With the networks being fibre optic assures customers of a speed that is higher than expected. When it comes to the speeds that are lower it can possibly be delivered using a mix of fibre or fibre with copper (DSL).


The connection available on leased lines is not made to be contented, which means that the bandwidth is being reserved for customers. During peak times there will be no slowdown on the connection.

Compared to what ADSL provides where most customers are often experiencing a speed that drops-off during the peak times, with leased lines, you get the full speed all of the time. Connections such as ADSL are contended which means you share your connection with others hence when you get a lot of people accessing the web at the same time, it will slow down. One of the big down sides of ADSL.

For Business, not consumers

Most leased line connections come from businesses. This is due to the fact that they are more expensive than ADSL but as we know, that type of connectivity is contented.


The connection speeds of leased lines are symmetrical. This basically means that your download and upload speed are the same.


Leased lines are unmetered, which allows customers to upload or download as much data as they wish. Compare this to to other connections that have limits with regards the amount of data you can download in a month.

Corporate WAN

Leased lines often join a wide-area-network or WAN in order to enable offices to share easily their IT resources on different sites.

Aside from this they also provision telephony on corporate WAN’s that allows you to make calls that is free between offices.

SIP Trunking

A leased line is also capable of being used for carrying phone calls. Using this feature can help the company in saving money through eliminating or reducing rental charges on ISDN circuits and by doing so, can lower call costs.

By finding a provider of leased lines that offers SIP trunking, you can ensure that your calls will be of high quality and do not suffer from being congested.

Faster Fix Times

Leased lines guarantee you a faster fixing time on faults on your connection at any time of the day compared to what ADSL provides, which only fixes during business hours.


Leased lines contain a Service Level Agreement that specifies the amount of up time that you can get and a minimum target.  There is also compensation provided in case the given target is not reached which makes leased lines the reliable choice.