Leased Lines Vs VPN

Leased Lines Vs VPN

Planning to get your business a VPN, leased line, or even both? The most important things to consider are the requirements that you need when it comes to security, bandwidth and budget.

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A Quick Glimpse at Leased Lines vs VPN

Leased Line


  • Connectivity

Typical Usage

  • Linking offices, internet connection and linking organization’s or their primary data centre.


  • Notably fast connectivity both uploading and downloading
  • Fast fix times and unmetered connection
  • Top  quality connectivity




  • Authentication and Encryption

Typical Usage

  • Encrypting the flow of data in offices to other offices or office LAN to their staffs working in homes.
  • Stops unauthorized connections




  • Confidentiality of the data are guaranteed to be secured

Leased Line and VPN – The Differences

The leased line is deemed to provide a connection that is dedicated in offering more bandwidth yet it does not have the ability to give an authentication or encryption.

While a virtual private network or VPN has the ability to provide authentication and encryption in a given connection that you have already. This includes leased line or ADSL, or even a mobile type of network connection.

The bandwidth requirements helps in determining if you need a leased line while the security requirements can help you in determining if a VPN is needed.

Leased Line vs VPN – The Cheaper Option

Comparing which connection is much cheaper depends really on what type of requirements your business has.

Most businesses prefer leased lines because these are being used in major offices in linking them together which is good in a wide area network. While other businesses also tends to run VPN over leased lines  in order to encrypt data  flow between sites. This serves as the firewall that protects the company’s data as they leave the premises of the company.

The VPN and leased line are dissimilar when it comes to their functions but their cost also plays a big role in making decisions. Since leased lines that are international are very pricey that’s why some companies consider VPN to run between their international sites so the data will be kept secured.

VPN vs Leased Lines – A Question of Security

VPN is exclusively made to provide the security to your data while the leased line exists in providing the connectivity that you need. Leased lines and VPN contains different functions in solving problems.

The VPN has an ability to give certain data encryption in your transmissions which means there will be no  unauthorized connection allowed that can affect the security of confidential data. The leased line also exists to provide you with a connection that is fast and reliable in getting the job done quickly.