MPLS Providers

Getting MPLS Services

Here are some of the main aspects which should be taken into consideration when selecting a provider for an MPLS service.

  • Service Availability—the offers from various providers these days are very enticing but before jumping into any of it, it is important to ensure that MPLS technology can cover all the locations or branches of your business. It has to be noted that MPLS is a technology which strengthens the efficiency of networks therefore it is not standardized by any governing body. The services from providers may vary so it is important to have nodes in all branches that are from the same company.
  • MPLS Network Management—in the same way that services vary slightly from one provider to another, so too does the network management. Some providers take full charge of the management and maintenance of the system. On the other hand, there are others which implement limitations. Before signing any contracts it is important that you understand what kind of management is included.
  • Service Level Agreement—some people easily disregard the importance of SLAs, thinking that it’s just another document which is made out of formality. SLAs should specify the level of MPLS performance that customers should enjoy, possible down time, technical problem resolution and a whole lot of other pertinent aspects. Since the SLA would serve as proof of what the provider promises to deliver, careful reading and understanding is imperative. That way, disputes between customers and service providers may be avoided.
  • Bandwidth Flexibility—by simply discussing the specific needs of your business, customers can get the exact bandwidth which would be enough to support the needs of the workplace. Some service providers even take it a step higher by offering ‘burst speed’ to their customers. This means that for a specific time or period within the day, the bandwidth would be increased to satisfy the high demand during work hours.
  • Excellent Customer Assistance—every once in a while it is inevitable that you will experience some network problems. It is during these situations that you need to ensure that you have easily accessible access to a reliable and knowledgeable customer service team which can guarantee to fix any network issues.
  • Reasonable Price—an MPLS service is not solely about looking for the cheapest offer. Cost efficiency is the more important aspect. Some offers may be far cheaper than others but this can still be such a waste of money if the system is always down, the services are poor and the performance of the MPLS technology is just insignificant. Pick a reputable company which has established a commendable reputation. The rates may be a bit higher but this in turn should yield a higher quality of service.

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