UK availability report

UK availability report

Leased lines are available across the whole of the UK. Speeds range from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps.

The main networks that are available can be classified in two types such as the Virgin Media’s and the BT’s.

The UK leased line providers came up with an idea by leasing a data circuit from Virgin’s or BT wholesale’s arms. This will then be configured and equipment added before being sent to customers..

Ordering directly from Virgin Media or BT wholesale division is not allowed. OFCOM (which is the telecom regulator of the UK) ordered that there should not be any favoritism within the retail divisions. Going to a reseller is often much better and cheaper.

Looking outside your window and seeing less grass and more concrete indicates a high chance that you can have the opportunity to get a leased line connection.

In the UK, a leased lines capacity can reach 10Gbps, which can be costly. BT has almost 5600 telephone exchanges. Most of these enable ADSL and  SDSL. Aside from this, there is BT Openreach’s that comes with a  21cn network with a telephone exchange that is about 1100 including ADSL2+ access. Almost 1500 of the exchanges contain a Local Loop Unbundle that offers ADSL2+/SDSL.

Some of the connection of leased lines in the UK is SDSL which is built upon while others are DSL circuits which is built to be bonded. On the other hand most of the leased lines still use fibre.

Virgin Media is the fibre network in UK that is largest. The coverage does not cover the whole country but the major suburban and urban areas instead. That’s why for those areas that cannot be served by the enabled exchanges of SDSL or BT then Virgin media is the right choice to consider in your area.

Virgin will be the one to pay for the TV services to those areas which connection is unavailable. Thanks to the 2Mbps circuit that makes it possible in delivering connections to many areas.

Having both  Virgin Media and BT networks present makes the UK well served. Either of them can be cheaper depending on various locations.

In seeking the right leased lines, UK firms usually get prices from Virgin and BT. In this way they can get a much lower price, or get a combined circuit solution from both networks that will help in enhancing the resilience of the network.