Can Leased Lines Help Businesses To Utilise Cloud Technology More Effectively?

Cloud technology has revolutionised data storage and information management in a majority of industries. Organisations that utilise cloud technology and take full advantage of its capabilities can see their efficiency and speed improve dramatically. However, this only depends on the efficiency and speed of your internet connection. If your business isn’t taking advantage of all that Cloud storage has to offer, a leased line may be what you need. With faster broadband speeds, faster uploading and downloading time and reliable connectivity, you could save your business both time and money and make your operations more efficient.

Reduce uploading and downloading time

Without a leased line, you may find the time it takes to upload and download files from the files is inconsistent and can take a long time. This means that a lot of time is wasted staring at loading screens and waiting for files to upload and then the person wanting to download the file would need to wait as well.

With a leased line, connections are symmetric, which means that, unlike standard broadband connections, you have consistency and reliable high speeds when both uploading and downloading files form the Cloud.

Access Your Files

While Cloud technology has a range of great benefits, without an internet connection, it is effectively useless. Without an internet connection, you cannot access the database and any changes that you have made to your files won’t be visible from other people using the Cloud to access these files. In order to make the most of Cloud technology, you need your internet connection to be consistent. While you don’t have that guarantee with a standard ADSL connection, you do with a leased line.

Multiple circuits mean that you will always have back-up when your internet goes down and when you use 2Connect for your leased line, your service level agreement means that you never have to worry about being stuck offline. Your leased line provider can monitor the status of your connectivity and send a repairs team right away to get it fixed.

Save money

One of the most significant benefits of Cloud technology is its potential to save you and your business money. Rather than paying for reams of paper to print out documents and buying hard drives and additional data storage devices for your computers, you can share and store everything in the Cloud. However, money is only really saved when you use the Cloud as your main means of sharing information. This can be hard to do when your internet connection is unreliable or slow. When it takes ages to upload your files you may think it would be easier and faster to print off the information or write it down and give it to the person directly, which is going to end up costing you a fair amount of money if you are having to print things on a regular basis and use up paper and ink.

With a leased line, your internet connection will always be consistently high, which means that you can rely on the cloud as your main source of information and save money that you might have spent on replacing paper and notepads. You can also work quickly from the cloud and save space on your computer by directly saving files into the Cloud, ridding you of the need to buy additional storage.

Here at 2Connect/, we have flexible leased line packages tailored to your business for an affordable price. Interested? Get a quote! If you want to make the most of Cloud technology, get in touch with our experts today.