Are ADSL Leased Lines Possible?

It is known that leased lines offer symmetric connections while ADSLs offer asymmetric, yet experts say that ADSL leased lines are possible. Companies that are offering ADSLs are now developing new forms of connections wherein subscribers are able to have a higher speed when uploading unlike the standard products that are on offer. A variant called ADSL2+Annex M is a developed product that offers better uploading speeds than ordinary ADSLs and the standard version of ADSL2+.

Theoretically, it is possible that companies can create leased lines with asymmetric connections yet this kind of product is sure to be rare. The download speed of a regular leased line should be lowered artificially just to match the uploading speed, which may lead to lower bandwidth connection. When this situation happens, subscribers will just pick the symmetric leased lines instead of such new products. But for some, they do not like getting DSL connections due to electrical interference problems that they may encounter whenever they connect the cables.

Though there are many ADSL2+ providers that are announcing about higher speed for uploads, these companies always fail to include that such services are still contended. This means that the connection will slow down whenever many subscribers are using it at the same time. In addition, most of the ADSL2+ connections are designed to be metered, which means that subscribers are required to pay more than what they would usually do whenever they are expected to transfer higher amounts of data.

Though there is a possibility that people can get unmetered ADSL2+ connections, the prices may seem to disappoint future users about it. Furthermore, since ADSL2+ is hardly available in certain countries such as the UK’s remote areas, subscribers will find it difficult to get such products for the connection that they need for their business or private use.

The main reason why there are people who are using ADSL leased lines is that they just want to have a dedicated line that they can use on their own. They just want to get enough bandwidth to be used for uploading and downloading from their network provider to their computers and vice versa. Good thing, these kinds of services are offered where ADSL connections are available.

For those who are not convinced of getting a good ADSL connection, there is a chance that they will love getting a symmetric connection through SDSL. Though this is available on the market, this is displaced rapidly by the services of copper Ethernet First Mile. The service provides faster speeds on both directions and is readily available in various places.

There are times when copper circuits from EFM are offered at cheaper prices than that of leased lines with fibre cables. But sometimes, these circuits are offered in higher prices. It will always depend on the distributor of the product and how much will it really cost in a subscriber’s area.

For people who are interested with getting a list of quotes from companies offering EFM circuits and fibre leased lines in their area, there are sites such as ours where you can check out these lists which help you compare prices to find the best deal suited for your budget.